6 Benefits of drinking warm ginger Water

Ginger All people must know the name ginger, plants in the form of herbaceous pseudo-clumps is derived from India and up to China, ginger including plants in the tribe of Temu-the findings utilized as beverages, spices and traditional medicines.

Ginger has a scientific name (Zingiber Officinale), in Indonesia itself there are 3 types of ginger which is very popular:

-White Ginger is also called elephant ginger.
-Red ginger that corresponds to its name ginger is red color and smaller than white ginger.
-Yellow Ginger is called also with Ginger Sentil or ginger Emprit.

Already familiar with the types of ginger in Indonesia, now we will discuss about the benefits of drinking ginger warm, apparently drink warm ginger is not to warm the body only this is 6 benefits that you get when drinking warm ginger:

1. Overcoming nausea.

One of the benefits of drinking warm ginger is overcoming nausea.

2. Controlling Diabetes.

Ginger has high antidiabetic properties drink warm ginger is strongly recommend in diabetics.

3. Preventing prostate cancer.

Ginger contains Gingerol, Shogaol and Gingerone that are able to prevent prostate cancer.

4. Relieves pain.

Warm ginger drink helps relieve pain because ginger has analgesic properties.

5. Maintain heart health.

Regular drink of ginger can help to maintain the health of this heart caused by ginger containing Magnesium, zinc and Potassium.

6. Relieves pain during menstruation.

Research in the year 2012 from BMC (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) that drink ginger warm water, regularly helps to relieve the pain during menstruation.

That's the 6 benefits you get to drink warm ginger regularly, no harm you try to drink warm ginger for your body health.

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