This is the benefit of duku fruit for the health of the Human Body

Poll: What is your favorite chocolate? The fruit, also known by the name of langsat, is not only delicious and has a variety of healthy components. So that you should not look into your eyes.

Not only the meat part, the fruit seeds can also share the properties for your health. In order not to continue to be curious, follow the full description at this base.

9 Benefits of duku for health

Small and sweet, duku fruit is often made a favorite snack, most not least when the harvest time has come. But, undeniably, the efficacy of duku fruit for health does not yet resemble its popularity like a regular snack.

From meat, seeds, to fruit stems, it can in fact share the properties for your health, such as the following.

1. Rich in fiber

Consumption of 100 gr of fresh duku fruit, rated can be filled 8- 11% advice on consuming fiber every day. As we already know, the position of fiber in protecting the health of the body is very meaningful, such as smoothing digestion until it reduces the risk of heart disease forming.

2. Has many antioxidants

The efficacy of the next duku fruit, obtained from its abundant antioxidant content. Antioxidants want to help avoid the destruction of the body's cells due to exposure to excess radicals. Such exposure can lead to premature aging as well as increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. Source vit B

Duku fruit can also be used as a source of natural body vit B, most notable vit B2 or riboflavin. Vit B, is useful to help digest the carbohydrates we consume in order to be energy and protect the nervous system in order to work properly.

4. Has vit A

Not only carrots, duku fruit can also be a source of vit A for you. Fill this vit, make the efficacy of duku fruit for health continues to be various.

Because, vit A is a component that means to protect various suitable bodies can run properly. Vit this one, means to protect the health of skin, eyes, teeth, and tissues.

5. Potentially avoid malaria

Extracts obtained from duku fruit seeds, considered to have the potential to help fight malaria. Not only that, the skin and leaves of this plant have chemical compounds that are judged to avoid the development of Plasmodium falciparum, a malaria-triggering parasite.

6. Tackling diarrhea

If the fibers contained by duku fruit can help relieve constipation, extract the stem of duku fruit, assessed as potential to overcome diarrhea. Oleoresin components that are attached to the skin of duku fruit are also considered to be able to share uniform properties.

7. Help with fever

The efficacy of this duku fruit, obtained from the contents of vit C in it. Because, this vit is believed to help relieve the flu and its symptoms.

Some people still use crushed duku fruit seeds, to help lower the body temperature. However, there has been no research that can assurance the power of this one ordinance.

8. Relieves inflammation in the body

The components in the stem and seeds of duku fruit are also believed to relieve inflammation or inflammation in the body. Traditionally, the sap that comes out of the stem is used to overcome swelling and need on the skin.

Not only that, powder made from duku stems is also traditionally used to cure scorpion bites, so as not to cause an excess allergic response as well as inflammation in the stung body position.

9. Repel mosquitoes

Mosquito bites can cause a variety of diseases, ranging from mild things like itching, to severe ones such as dengue fever to elephant legs and malaria.

Burn the skin of duku fruit, believed to avoid various diseases because the aroma is not liked by mosquitoes, so it can be a natural mosquito repellent that is sure.

So those are some of the benefits of duku fruit that are good for health and also beauty.

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