16 Benefits of Pakcoy Vegetables For Health

For some people, pakcoy vegetables are not familiar. Pakcoy vegetables are often also called bok – choy. Some call it mustard spoon. Pakcoy is a type of vegetable derived from the cruciferous family that is still a family with broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Because it includes green vegetables, pakcoy is believed to contain a variety of essential nutrients that are good for the body.

For those of you who are on a diet, pakcoy can be the right choice. Because, every single cup or equivalent to 70 grams of pakcoy contains only 9 calories. This means that pakcoy contains low calories so it can help keep your weight steady.

vegetable pakcoy

Judging by its nutritional content, pakcoy contains high in vitamin A and vitamin C. Both types of these vitamins play an important role as antioxidants in the body. The function of antioxidants themselves is to protect the body's cells from remaining healthy and prevent the formation of free radicals in the body.
Most people like this type of vegetable because it does not take long in processing it and the taste is crispy, does not taste bitter on the tongue, there is even a sweetness. It is suitable for you vegetable lovers. In addition to its good taste, pakcoy is a vegetable rich in its properties.

What are the benefits of Pakcoy vegetables for health?

1. Maintain eye health
Pakcoy contains very high vitamin A, this is because in pakcoy there are beta carotin, zea xhantin, and lutein that are beneficial for eye health. From a study has been proven that carotenoids serve to inhibit mocular degeneration, prevent cataracts, and improve vision at night.

2. Preventing Cancer
The content contained in pakcoy is glucosinolate, which is then converted into isothiosinolate, this compound that has been shown to actively fight cancer. Therefore, this vegetable is efficacious for the prevention of cancer.

3. Boost Immunity
Pakcoy can also boost immunity, this is due to its high vitamin C content. In 1 glass it contains 44.2 milligrams or about 74% vitamin C. vitamin C is beneficial as a natural anti-oxidant that plays a role in maintaining immunity.

4. Maintaining Heart Health
Like other vegetables, Pakcoy also contains many vitamins. One of them is folate acid and vitamin B6. Folic acid and vitamin B6 play a role in inhibiting the amino acid hemosostein in the blood. This is beneficial because high hemosistein levels can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Maintaining Bone Health and Strength
You certainly do not want to experience joint disorders after aging, therefore diligently consume this vegetable because in 1 glass it is equivalent to 72% vitamin K, and 16% Calcium. Vitamin K plays a role in bone metabolism by increasing bone growth. In addition, vitamin K can make bones stronger so as to prevent osteoporosis, as well as calcium content in pakcoy is very important in maintaining bone health.

6. Preventing The Birth of A Disabled Baby
Pakcoy has a very high content of B complex vitamins, especially vitamin B9 (folic acid). Folic acid requires pregnant women in sufficient quantities, because folic acid helps rapid cell division and helps fetal growth during pregnancy. Therefore, in the event of folic acid deficiency can cause the baby to be born with a low weight and may result in the presence of neural tube defects.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure
The high pakcoy will be potassium and low in sodium, in 1 glass of mustard this spoon is equivalent to 18% potassium. This certainly has a role to do in lowering blood pressure. Patients with hypertension are advised to consume these vegetables, as you have indirectly been on a diet high in low-sodium potassium. In addition, folic acid is contained to keep blood pressure stable.

8. Preventing Colon Cancer
Pakcoy also complains of selenium, this content has been scientifically proven to have efficacy in preventing the onion cancer. These benefits can be felt when consuming daily.

9. Stabilizing Weight Loss
The oil content in pakcoy plays a role in preventing obesity. High fat content certainly increases the risk of obesity, this vegetable has been proven to be able to change lipid profile and control carbohydrate diet, so as to stabilize weight.

10. Anti-Inflammatory
The high antioxidant content in pakcoy also acts as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). It also contains omega 3 which plays a role in reducing the onsling of inflammation.

11. Maintains skin health
Vitamin E content is also found in pakcoy vegetables that can serve to maintain skin health by protecting it from sun exposure.

12. Prevents diabetes
In addition to maintaining the health of the skin the content of vitamin E contained in pakcoy vegetables can also be used to prevent diabetes. Therefore consuming pakcoy vegetables is also recommended for those of you who have diabetes.

13. Can protect the health of the nasal cavity
The high content of vitamin A in pakcoy vegetables is able to improve the health of the body especially in protecting the health of the nasal cavity because by consuming vitamin A helps to keep the nasal cavity in order to still be able to filter the oxygen produced from free radicals.

14. Strengthens the baby's placenta
In addition to protecting the health of the nasal cavity vitamin A can also be used to strengthen the baby's placenta. Because by consuming vitamin A enough to maintain elasticity and also the smoothness of the walls so that the baby can avoid inflammation and free radicals.

15. Improves brain intelligence
For those of you who often forget you can consume these vegetables because pakcoy vegetables have omega 3 which is beneficial for the brain so it helps you to improve brain intelligence and also keep you from easily forgotten.

16. Can help in controlling hormones
The content of vitamin B6 contained in pakcoy vegetables helps to maintain the activity of hormones present in humans.

Those are some of the benefits we will get if we consume pakcoy vegetables. The benefits for health and beauty can be obtained if we consume it regularly, so that the needs of nutritional vitamins and others in our body can be met. Not only by consuming pakcoy vegetables alone consume other vegetables containing nutritional vitamins and also other needs needed by the body is also highly recommended.

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